About Us

Homevine is a Brisbane based Startup, founded by two sun loving locals who had a vision, passion, commitment and very understanding wives!

The friends wanted to create a free online service for people wanting to buy or sell property, now OR in the future, with or without an agent.

After overcoming several obstacles, “the Homevine” was created. A simple, fun tool that allows a person to “advertise” their plan to buy or sell property in the following 12 months. Once registered, “the Homevine” can work its magic through the power of social media.

The goal of Homevine is that checking “the Homevine” is the first order of business for any person thinking of buying or selling property.

In return, The Homevine will show you any person buying or selling in the following 12 months and facilitate contact, communication and negotiation in a safe, controlled environment.

The intended result – a fairer playing field for all, a viable cost-effective marketing alternative for private sellers and agents, and unparalleled insight into the housing market for buyer AND seller.

So, if you are thinking of buying or selling a home – be sure to ask yourself – did you hear it on the Homevine.

Just want to say Hello? Or tell us how we can do better? We'd love to hear from you!

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