The Homevine difference

Homevine helps you sell your property in a fast and affordable manner. Follow a few easy steps and you enjoy the benefits of having your property found by the right buyer.

Step 1) Register

You can register your details and include the details of your property to create your own unique Homevine profile. This profile can be customised to suit your preferences. As we value your privacy, you will be issued with a unique Homevine ID after registering. Anyone who contacts you will only be able to identify you through your Homevine ID. You will receive notification via phone or email (as chosen by you), but those details will only be used by Homevine to send you information. Once you have established contact with a seller and you feel comfortable, you can exchange details at your discretion.


Step 2) Finding a buyer

Through Homevine you enjoy the luxury of choosing to wait for a buyer to find your property or find the buyers who are looking for a property like yours. Use the Knock! Knock! function to halve the time it takes to find the perfect buyer.


Step 3) Contact

Once you have found a potential buyer you can use the Knock! Knock! function on the Homevine platform to start discussing the sale. When you feel comfortable you can exchange your personal details and explore the sale process further.


Step 4) Schedule an Inspection

Homevine offers you the option of scheduling inspection dates in advance. If this does not suit you, you can choose to negotiate a suitable time with a potential buyer and schedule an inspection. Either way, the Homevine platform allows you to set a date and determine the maximum number of attendees for the inspection.


Step 5) Sell!

Once the buyer has had the opportunity to view the property it’s a simple matter of making an offer. The Homevine platform makes this an easy one-click process for your buyer. As soon as you get a notification of an offer, all you need to do is decide if you are willing to accept or wish to negotiate!



Not sure if you want to sell? Why not let the market convince you?

Procrastinating over whether to sell or not is a common phenomenon that all sellers go through. How about taking that stress away from yourself and letting the market convince you?

The Homevine platform allows you to list your home for sale straightaway or at anytime within the next 12 months. This can help you preview your property prior to having it made available for sale. Who knows? This might be the dream property someone is looking for right now. If you can generate an interest in your property you can sit back and relax knowing full well that you will sell comfortably and for what your property is worth.

Still not convinced? No problem!

If you are still not convinced about listing your property you have the option of showcasing your property and accepting offers. If you choose the ‘Make an Offer’ option in the listing, you can have your property showcased and open to offers. Let the buyer make it easy for you to decide if you want to sell or not!

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